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Oklahoma State Rail Plan Online Meeting



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    Intro to Rail and Freight

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    What is Rail Transportation? Rail transportation includes the transportation of both passengers and freight by train.

    What is Freight Transportation? Freight transportation is defined as the movement of goods transported by air, highway, pipeline, roadway, or waterway.

    Intro to Stakeholders

    Stakeholders are integral to assuring the State Rail Plan meets its objectives and goals.

    They offer ODOT an understanding of passenger and freight rail movement throughout Oklahoma and the critical issues facing our stakeholders.

    Oklahoma State Rail Plan

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    The Oklahoma State Rail Plan will:

    • Actively engage stakeholders
    • Identify proposed improvements in urban and rural areas.
    • Connect statewide initiatives and move them forward towards the goal of optimal passenger and freight transportation in the state.
    • Guide ODOT’s investment decisions to maintain and improve the rail transportation system, ultimately strengthening the state’s economy and raising the quality of life for its citizens.
    • Meet Federal Railroad Administration requirements and offer an opportunity for ODOT to accurately define what the rail system in the state looks like today and what it needs to look like in the future.

    The Oklahoma State Freight Plan is being developed concurrently with the State Rail Plan and will be finished later in 2017.

    State Rail Plan Requirements & Guidance

    The federal government requires each state to develop plans for passenger and freight rail transportation. Oklahoma’s State Rail Plan was last published in 2012.

    The 2017 State Rail Plan will meet federal guidelines and will be publicly available, along with the State Freight Plan.

    State Rail Plan Goals

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    Safety & Security

    • Reduce accidents and fatalities
    • Ensure the rail system is secure
    • Ensure the rail system can respond to emergencies

    Reliability & Efficiency

    • Improve on-time performance of passenger trains

    Preservation & Improved Access and Connectivity

    • Preserve, maintain, and modernize the rail system when public benefit can be demonstrated
    • Improve connections between modes like rail, truck, and barge

    Quality of Life & Environmental Stewardship

    • Support responsible land use strategies
    • Support responsible environmental stewardship

    Mobility & Economic Competitiveness and Development

    • Invest in rail capacity improvements to enhance the interstate and intrastate movement of passengers and freight when public benefit can be demonstrated
    • Ensure rail investments to support and spur desired economic growth

    State Rail Plan: Table of Contents

    Each rail plan is separated into six different chapters.

    • Chapter 1 highlights the role of rail in statewide transportation.
    • Chapter 2 discusses the state’s existing rail system.
    • Chapter 3 discusses proposed passenger rail investments and improvements.
    • Chapter 4 digs into the proposed freight rail improvements and investments
    • Chapter 5 discusses the state’s rail service and investment program.
    • Chapter 6 is focused on coordination and review.

    The State Rail Plan also includes an executive summary providing a high level overview of the state’s findings.

    Chapter 1: The Role of Rail in Statewide Transportation

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    Chapter 2: The Existing Rail System

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    Chapter 3: Passenger Rail Improvements

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    The passenger rail projects highlighted on this map reflect proposed projects or studies identified in the initial part of the plan.

    Chapter 4: Freight Rail Improvements

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    The freight rail projects highlighted on this map reflect proposed projects or studies gathered in the initial part of the plan.

    Chapter 5: Investment Program

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    Chapter 5 highlights Oklahoma’s State Rail Service and Investment Program, its role in the state, and its plans to continue improving transportation in the future.

    Chapter 6: Coordination & Review

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    To meet the stakeholder involvement requirement, we have facilitated two High Leverage Stakeholder Committee Workshop meetings, this online public meeting and selected shipper interviews. Stakeholder involvement refines what we have discovered in our current work.

    Talking to those actively using the state’s rail transportation system is critical for the team to understand current rail and freight movements throughout the state and to gain an understanding of important issues.

    Schedule & Next Steps

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    This schedule shows the current progress of the State Rail Plan and how much is left to complete.

    ODOT will continue to engage the public through meetings, like this one, as it continues developing the State Rail Plan.

    Stay Involved!

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