What is the 2017 Rail Plan?

In September 2013, the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) published its Final Statewide Rail Plan Guidance, which provided guidance for Statewide Rail Plan stakeholder and public involvement. The Oklahoma Department of Transportation will actively engage private sector rail and freight infrastructure owners, freight, public planning agencies, transit operators, rail authorities, railroad and freight organizations and passenger rail stakeholders. The Oklahoma Statewide Rail Plan will identify proposed improvements in urban and rural areas and those who travel through it. The Statewide Rail Plan is a way to connect all of these initiatives and allow them to move forward towards a common goal of optimal passenger and freight transportation in the state. In addition, the Statewide Rail Plan will guide ODOT’s investment decisions to maintain and improve the rail transportation system, and ultimately strengthen the state’s economy and raise the quality of life for its citizens.

The development of a comprehensive Oklahoma Statewide Rail Plan meets the FRA requirements and offers an opportunity for the ODOT to accurately define what the rail system in the state looks like today and what it needs to look like in the future.

The primary purpose of the Statewide Rail Plan is to serve as a statewide long-range rail planning document, fully integrated with other state planning initiatives.

The Statewide Rail Plan will:

Outline efficient and effective multi-modal statewide rail system
Develop a state rail vision
Increase safety and resiliency
Reduce congestion
Improve state of good repair
Reduce adverse environmental impacts
Advance technology
Include robust public participation
Incorporate successful local coordination
Gather stakeholder input about system conditions, performance measures, industry trends and issues, solutions and implementation strategies, and project prioritization process

Stay Informed

There will be a number of opportunities for the public to provide feedback on the plan in the next year. For more information, please fill out the contact form below: